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Post  Reln on Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:56 am

Rules for the forums.

Welcome to the forum.To begin with,I would like to set out simple rules that HAVE to be obeyed.

1.Please keep it appropriate for our fellow members.Which means no
Sexual Content/perverted things
We have no tolerance for Sexual harassment,discrimination of religion/race/gender

2.Respect.You must respect your fellow game mates and make them have an enjoyable time playing the game.Please treat them how you wanna be treated.Also you must show respect to our Moderators.They have taken their time to help and control the forum for the good of all of us.

3.No flaming.We do not expect you to get along with everyone.If they are breaking the rules in anyway please report it to me at .Also if you do not get along with a staff please email me with reasons,and a couple screen shots.

4.Please do not spam the forum.

I will now be as strict as some of the other staff,my meaning of spamming is

Double Posting
Format Spamming
Making a new thread/post after it has been deleted.
I do not think as spam as saying "Wow this is good idea"/"this could really help me"/"cool dude"/etc...

5.Do not share information !!!

We (theninjafan forum staff) will not be held liable for any damages occured during account exchanging.
Any password exchanges will most likely result in a ban, this also means hacking. If your account is hacked, your account will be banned.

6.When posting do not:

Change the color
Change the size
Change it to caps
This reason is because only staff members should be able to change the colors.If you change a color others might mistake you for a Moderator.Our staff will ask you kindly to remove the colo/size/caps if you do not follow their instruction then they have the power to delete the post.

7.Please do not blacklist

Do not list people's name for what they did,I will not tolerate this behavior,staff will have the power to filter the name to just NAME.

8.Power of Moderators

They are here to ensure that everyone is having a great time while giving them protection from any inappropriate stuff.Please if you have any problems with a Moderator in this forum please email me right away.I want all of my staff to be able to be liked and admired to everyone.

These rules have to be obeyed in the forums.I have the power to extinguished your account if you do not.Please keep the forum a nice place for everyone.

9.Staff Harassment

I will not tolerate you harassing staff members.Please do not spam their inbox.Or else they DO have permission to ban you.

Your Administrator Reln


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