Currently recruiting !!

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Currently recruiting !!

Post  Reln on Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:14 pm

Hello everyone !!

We are currently recruiting and below are the list of available jobs

2 Moderator
2 CSR (Community Service Represenative)

Requirements for Moderator

At least 15 years of age
Be able to log on a lot
Have respect for everyone
Have good vocabulary

Requirements for CSR (Community Service Represenative)

Have good vocabulary and able to speak to others like you're a automatic robot.
At least 15 years of age
Have reapect for other
Be able to answer email 24/7
Work well with others

Please email me at with the subject of CSR/Moderator and tell me why you should be picked and state if you have any experience.

Your Head Admin, Reln


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